305 Washington Street
New Britain, Connecticut
Advent & The Chrysalis Center

Dear Faithful of Holy Trinity and Parents & children,


In this season of hope and love the need for giving has never been so important.  We have all sacrificed and made changes to our lives these past 10 months.  Some have been difficult but many changes have taught us important lessons.  Our children are learning to cope without things we take for granted.  Unfortunately, many people go without as a part of their life.  We are asking our Holy Trinity families to assist in a project aiding The Chrysalis Center.  This organization supports many community people dealing with the lack of common needs on a daily basisWe are asking our families to contribute toiletries.  The products to be donated are divided by your children’s ages.


Children Infant - 3 yrs                      Children 4-8                              Children 9-13

Bar soap                                          Disposable razors                     Deodorant

Liquid soap                                      Shaving cream                          Shampoo

Hand sanitizers                                Toothpaste                                Hand cream/moisturizer                               

Hand wipes                                      Toothbrushes


Please put all your items in zip lock bags.  Collections will be taken through Saturday, December 28.  You can drop off at Church on Sunday mornings, or bring them on the 28th between 10 and 2, or contact Nadine, Ellen or Barbara to arrange a pick up. With your generous help our children can make a difference in people’s lives.  There is no greater act of kindness than caring and helping people.

This project is not limited to just our children.  Any and all parishioners ae encouraged to participate.  Just chose from the above list.

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