305 Washington Street
New Britain, Connecticut




(Revised April 23, 2017)


1. The name of the cemetery shall be the Holy Trinity Orthodox Cemetery, referred to hereinafter in these By-Laws as the Cemetery, under the ownership and jurisdiction of the Holy Trinity Orthodox Church of New Britain, Connecticut, referred to hereinafter in these By-Laws as the Parish.

2. The Cemetery is located at the corner of East Street and Wells Street in New Britain, Connecticut, and its boundaries and plots shall be those described on the surveyor’s map of the Cemetery dated May 1932, as well as on subsequent surveys and maps authorized by the Parish.


1. The purpose of the Cemetery shall be to maintain and keep in good order a burial ground for the interment of deceased members of the Parish, and other deceased persons eligible for interment in accordance with the provisions of these By-Laws.


1. Any member of the Parish or any Canonical Orthodox Church (as stipulated in the their respective By-Laws) is eligible for burial in the Cemetery.

2. Any Christian who is married to a member (as defined in Section III, Number 1) but is not a member of the Orthodox Church as well as any single Christian children resulting from said marriage, under 21 years of age, are eligible for burial in the Cemetery.

3. Any member(as defined in Section III, Number 1) who changes his/her faith shall forfeit his/her Cemetery plot(s), as well as all monies paid for each plot.

4. Any non-practicing Orthodox Christian may be accepted for burial in the Cemetery at the discretion of the Rector. Such burial will be subject to a “non-parishioner surcharge” as determined by the Cemetery Committee.


1. Each member in good standing of the Parish is entitled to purchase interment rights to a plot(s) in the Cemetery at a cost set by a legally convened Parish Meeting.

2. Each parishioner in good standing has the prerogative to:
            a. visit the Cemetery and his/her plot(s);
            b. erect a suitable monument at the given plot(s) within regulations and with the    approval of the Rector and Trustees of the Cemetery;
            c. decorate his/her plot(s) as governed by these By-Laws and / or the "Cemetery Rule & Regulations".


1.  All unfilled graves shall revert to and become the property of the Parish should a member who has purchased more than one grave plot die without devise or any known kindred eligible for burial in the Cemetery. The Trustees shall make reasonable efforts to locate any kindred who had previously qualified for burial. If none are found within two years of any such inquiry, then the plots and all sums collected will revert to the control of the Parish.

2. Any unoccupied plots remaining from children of members who do not wish to be buried in their parents’ family plot shall revert to and become the property of the Parish upon receipt of written notification from said children of their decision not to be interred in the Cemetery.

3. The Right of Interment cannot be transferred, subdivided, exchanged, sold or in any way alienated without the endorsement in writing of the Rector and Trustees of the Cemetery.

4. No graves shall be dug or re-opened without the permission of the Rector and Trustees of the Cemetery. Fees required for grave openings shall be set by the Rector and Trustees of the Cemetery.

5. The "Cemetery Rules and Regulations" govern the decoration of graves.

6. Each interment shall be suitably identified:
            a. A deposit per the current price schedule, in addition to the normal interment fees, shall be made of all interments in order to ensure the placing of a suitable identification marker (engraving on a currently installed monument, new monument or foot stone) within a one-year period. Such deposits shall be refunded in full when the identification marker or monument has been placed.

7. Monuments must be of modest size and must NOT be engraved or shaped in any manner contrary to the tradition of the Orthodox Church. They must be placed on a suitable concrete foundation, location to be approved by the Rector and/or Trustees of the Cemetery.

8. The Rector and Trustees of the Cemetery shall have the authority to direct the use of multiple plots and shall approve the location of the actual grave.


1. There shall be a Perpetual Care Fund. All monies received for perpetual care shall be deposited in a separate account in a financial institution under the name of the Holy Trinity Orthodox Cemetery Perpetual Care Fund. This fund shall be administered by the Rector and Trustees of the Cemetery for the maintenance of the Cemetery.

2. Every purchaser of a plot or plots at the Cemetery is required to pay an amount, at the current price schedule, per grave, to the Perpetual Care Fund for perpetual maintenance of the Cemetery. Assessment must be paid at the time of the purchase of the plot(s).

3. Every person who has purchased plots prior to September 1, 1971, and has not purchased perpetual care, will be charged at the current rate for perpetual care at the time of their burial.


1. The Rector and Trustees of the Cemetery shall administer and interpret these By-Laws. The Trustees shall consist of the following members:
            a. The Parish Warden
            b. The Assistant Warden
            c. The Trustee-Chairman
The Trustee-Chairman shall be elected for a 3-year term at the Annual Parish Meeting. The Rector and two (2) of the trustees shall constitute a quorum.

2. A sexton shall be retained to locate and measure all plots as required by need. The sexton shall be paid a fee as set by the Rector and Board of Trustees. The sexton shall keep the Cemetery maps current and assist the Rector in properly recording all interments.


1. If any person is aggrieved by a decision of the administrators of these By-Laws, he/she shall have the right to appeal to a meeting of the Parish Council. The decision of the Parish Council regarding any appeal shall be final.


1. These Cemetery By-Laws may be altered or amended by a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of the voting members of the Parish in attendance at an Annual Parish Meeting at which a legal quorum is present or a Special Meeting convened for that purpose at which a quorum is present, provided that written notice is given to the membership specifying the proposed addition, change or amendment. Such written notice shall be distributed to voting members of the Parish no later than fifteen (15) days before the date of the Parish Meeting at which the proposed changes, additions or alterations are to be discussed. All amendments, changes or additions so proposed shall not take effect unless approved by the Diocesan Authority.


1. These Cemetery By-Laws were accepted at a Special Parish Meeting held on the 23rd day of April, 2017, at which the appropriate quorum was present, the Parish members having been duly notified, and have become effective on the 1st day of July, 2017, by the approval of the Diocesan Bishop. They revoke, supplant and replace any and all Cemetery By-Laws, whether corporate or not, previously in use.